Employee Health and Wellness Programs


Happy Employees= Happy Customers 

How can an employer make its employees happy? How can an employer make their employees feel valued? Money? Hampers? Events? Rewards? EAP?

The Answer:  Your employee’s happiness and sense of value comes from within.

Our wellness programmes masquerade as a wellbeing workshop and provides multi-layered interventions. 

We create unique wellbeing and employee engagement programmes:

  • to integrate into the fabric of your company,
  • to increase employee engagement,
  • to increase individual responsibility,
  • to increase employee interrelations,
  • to increase productivity,
  • to increase health and safety practices,
  • to reduce absenteeism,
  • to reduce presentism,
  • to reduce toxic work cultures

Courses For The Workplace

  • Between Action and Reaction’ Wellbeing Course
  • Harnessing Happiness
  • Emotional Intelligence & Mastering the Four Keys of Empathy
  • Exploring and Master the Leader in You
  • Peri Menopause and Menopause Programme (For women between 30 and 60 years old)
  • Stress Relief through Sound Healing
  • Stress Relief through Somatic Mindfulness and Movement
  • Building Teams through Music Therapy
  • Building Teams through Kickboxing

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