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Unlike many other services providers in this sector, each member of our professional training team is a Specialist in their field – meaning that they understand precisely what the issue is and know exactly how best to address it. Specialisms included drugs, alcohol, loss, grief, anxiety, depression, suicide, self-harm, stress, bullying, adolescent-issues and patient advocacy. ​



All our associates are competent and experienced coaches, therapists and/or trainers committed to facilitating proven learning practices using evidence-based research.


Proven Approach

Our training is based on Kolb’s Experiential Learning – an effective and proven staged learning approach that combines four clear stages of learning 1. experience, 2. perception, 3. cognition, and 4. behaviour.


Accredited, Qualified and Highly Experienced Team

​ We are experienced by our experiences. Our associates are highly qualified in their field, professionally accredited, and have been working as professional therapists and trainers for decades. We recognize the value in guided support through shared experiences and have coaches born out of their own journeys in recovery, separation and divorce, depression, anxiety, bullying, sexuality, stress.


Strong customer relationships

We work with you until you get the results you desire with or without us. Our number one priority is help you and equip you to live the life you choose. We believe you do the work, our job is to resource you and support you but the only people, family, school or company that fosters change and masters wellbeing are those that do the work daily themselves.

We provide free resources through our podcast and social media pages, these are interactive and allow us to tailor responses to meet customer and public needs. We also provide guidance materials and links on our resources page.


Most importantly, we value people

We understand from our clients that some professionals are great just not the right fit for you. What makes the difference is to get the right professional with the right expertise at the right time, this is the right fit. There are thousands of therapists, coaches, speakers, trainers; we help you establish what is your need, your style, your preferences, your audience; We present you with innovative solutions; we believe there are many methods to reach the same results, then we source the right fit.

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Contact us with any related query, if we are not the right service, we will signpost you to the right service.

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