Teen Mental Health

Findings from research by the Royal College of Surgeons demonstrated that by the age of 13 years, 1 in 3 young people in Ireland are likely to have experienced some type of mental health difficulty. By the age of 24 years, that rate had increased to over 1 in 2.

We provide three things

  • 4:4:4 Teen Mental Health Model of Practise package for parents and professionals
  • teen mental health consultations, assessment, crisis intervention and action plan (book a session)
  • teen life code programme for teens

4:4:4 Teen Mental Health (TMH) Model of Practise Package equips you, prepares you and provides you with the confidence and communication techniques to support teens with and through their mental health difficulties.   4;4:4 TMH involves three sessions over three weeks and includes our tailored  4:4:4: Resource Pack. 

We run a teens life code programme over eight weeks. This is the most difficult time in history to grow up. This programme provides a life code book and skills for teens to practise with support that they can revisit annually for themselves once they have this formula. Through individual case assessment and engaging programmes, young people are taught 5 steps to wire their thinking to build positive thinking neurons; to accept and embrace issues impacting them;  understand what impacts them and how they can deal with this moving forward. They are exposed to clear messaging on  bullying, drugs, alcohol, sexuality, brain development,  their learning styles and abilities, individualism, physical, mental and energy health with techniques to help them in their everyday lives

  • Teen focused delivery
  • neurodiverse delivery
  • life code assessment
  • lifecode resource kit
  • One to One consultation and action plan

This package includes: the lifecode plan, aftercare mentorship, the resource toolkit.

Price: €500

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