I separated in 2017

I separated in 2017 but what that actually means is I told my husband we were breaking up in July 2017, this was viewed as a question which was denied.  This is of course completely normal and understandable.  Nonetheless, then judicial proceedings started with a formal agreement in May 2018 supported by both a solicitor and a barrister, followed by living in separate accommodation since May 2018.  The court proceeding , that is judicial separation November 2018 supported by solicitor and barrister. This cost circa 8,500 euro.  I started divorce proceedings March 2020, with covid and an unattentive distracted solicitor and the realization that I know what to expect, my children are older, my circumstances have changed.  This new found knowledge was sourced through my podcast and partnership with family separation services.  My divorced started in November 2022.  We will be blogging updates on my divorce steps, all our situations are different but we can learn from each other. 

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