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October 2021
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Adult Session


In this session, we facilitate a full life code assessment.  This provides clarity, direction and resources to support you. We work with you on the presenting issue and the root causes.  This session is approximately two hours.

Student Consultation


 We facilitate a child wellbeing assessment.  We provide a parent/guardian consultation with techniques and the relevant supports for the child’s wellbeing and development.

For Parents Separating
Children First


This is the best Plan for the Child(ren)  of Separation/Divorce/Uncoupling.

Consultation with each parent individually and 1 or more children to devise children first plan based on children’s needs, circumstances and resources independent of mediation/maintenance/custody. 
This will also provide coaching for each parent that engages and a safe space for child (ren) to reduce the trauma of separation

Gift Card

Give the gift of Wellbeing support and inspiration

Friends and Family are great, well meaning, well intentioned.  You are biased so not equipped to provide the objective ear.  You have your own lives and challenges to deal with.  You might be accidentally making them feel worse.  

With just one session, you are gifting a loved one a safe space to be heard and get help. We have the training, we can hear everything without it hurting anyone or being kept a secret, we have no agenda other than their best interest and wellbeing, we will help them grow as a person. 

This is the gift that will change their lives for the better.  Everyone will thank you for the gift of wellbeing. 


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Parenting Made Simple

Parenting has never been so tough, so complex, so stressful. It is not like the generation before. We can not recreate with the external influences growing in our childs lives so our parenting challenges are different

One full day workshop, provides coaches with knowledge and skills

  • Married/cohabitating parents
  • Blended families with step parents and step children
  • Separated/divorced/uncoupled parents
  • Parents of foster children
  • Parents of adopted children
  • Parenting children with special needs :ASD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Dyspraxia, intellectual difficulties and the endless spectrum
  • Parenting children with mental health diagnosis: stress, anxiety, depression, self harm, suicidal ideation, eating disorder

Unlike many parenting programmes which have moved from punishment systems to reward systems, we are at every age working towards the same outcome for our children which is autonomy and an inner understanding of choices and consequences, however child development aligns with neurological development. The first key to making parenting easy is understanding yourself as a parent – we all parent out of our own bucket of trauma/baggage/ relationship dysfunction and this influences our parenting, parenting triggers and responses at a subconscious level. This is easily done and it totally enable you to validate your children’s emotions so they are resilient, autonomous, confident, boundaried. These foundations at any stage of childhood or adulthood improve all domains of life including their physical health, their education, their social lives and life outcomes.

Parent Conversations Series

Attend Parents Workshop – parents workshop shares the reality off of social media, yes you are not alone – children shout, children disrespect you, children hurt your feelings, you run out of options how to get them to do as you tell them, you run out of options in getting them to hear you, do their work, clean their room, get off video games, whatever – you are not alone. Whatever you want to improve at home, will be done by you. You may seek professional support and that may or may not be helpful depending on the situation and the needs, but the home is lead by you, you are there day and night, you are all they have to help them, save them from themselves, guide them.

Parent Conversations Series

Price: €5
Parent Conversations Series Price: €5 Parents of teens workshop runs twice per year live (half day session)
Parents of primary school children runs twice per year live
You cannot do it alone

Teens weekend – Parent Conversations Series

Teens weekend runs twice per year

We run a teens life code programme over two days. This is also the most difficult time in history to grow up. This weekend provides a life code book and skills for teens to practise with support that they can revisit annually for themselves once they have this formula. Through individual case assessment and engaging programmes, young people are taught 5 steps to wire their thinking to build positive thinking neurons; to accept and embrace issues impacting them and understand ho wit impacts them and how they can deal with them moving forward. They are exposed to clear messaging on drugs, alcohol, sexuality, brain development,their learning styles and abilities, individualism, physical, mentla and energy health with techniques to help them in their everyday lives

Kids handling their parents series

 Price: €5

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