Divorced or Separated Parenting

Divorced or Separated Parenting

Divorced or separated parenting Package: for the results you want and fast:

  • 1 in 5 people in Ireland live in a one-parent family.
  • 1 in 4 families with children in Ireland is a one-parent family.
  • 86.4% of one parent families are headed by a mother, and 13.6% by a father.

The number of separated and divorced people increased by 8.9 per cent between 2011 and 2016 rising from 203,964 to 222,073. The increase of 18,109 persons is less than half the increase in the previous intercensal period when the number of separated or divorced persons increased by 37,167. When broken down further we can see that the number of separated persons increased by 1,984 while the number of those divorced increased by 16,125. (CSO, 2016)

Everyone wants the best for their child, we assist you  in your parenting to understand the process through the eyes of the child.

Parenting Separated MAP

Yes being separated or divorced is better than an unhealthy or unhappy or toxic couple parenting.  Divorced or separated parenting can be lonely,  relentless, exhausting, stressful; it can feel like your treading water day by day, hour by hour.  Our workshop changes that, brings ease and joy into parenting, redefines family life, your own life!

The Parenting Separated MAP for the results you want and fast:

  • 3 sessions over a 12 week period
  • 7 parenting tools specific to parents who are separated
  • The Parenting Separated Map Framework to simplify the extraordinary parenting relationships and functions as a separated parent
  • The tools to parent children of separation and the most common issues and risks that arise
  • managing communication with the other parent short-term and long-term;
  • the resource toolkit;
Price: €500


The ACE lecture is a professional development lecture to assist professionals working with children and their unique family systems and circumstances from the perspective of their adverse childhood experience.  Parental Separation, despite being ‘public’, being ‘normalised’ remains an adverse childhood experience and ongoing adversity which impacts their neurological development, their learning, their sleeping, their focus, their relationships, their behaviours, their physical health and increases the probability of risky behaviours.  This lecture equips you to assist them and their whole family in building resilience and build prevention blocks to reduce physical, mental and emotional health risks. 

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