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Grainne O’Kane is an experienced strategist and leader. She has an eagle-eye for customising work based on client need, resources available, research informed practices and policy. Grainne works in the best interest of all involved and adapts project management to ensure the viability, long lasting impact of plans and programmes within the dedicated time frame.

Areas of consultancy include
South West Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Force Family Support Programme (reconfigure and host family support group)

County Wicklow Partnership Targetted gender specific transitions Teen Wellbeing programme ( through make up programme tailored teen development, emotional literacy and healh, girl specific issues in terms of sexual identity, sexual orientation and sexual activity, drugs, alcohol, relationships and transition to secondary school supports)

County Wicklow Partnership personal development programme for Teen Traveller girls (through make up programme tailored teen development, identity stigma and trauma, sense of self and identity, relationships, expectations)

DunLaoghaire Rathdown Drug and Alcohol Task Force Strategic Plan 2022 and family support proposal revision 2022

North Inner City Drugs and Alcohol Task Force Drug awareness and prevention programme with secondary school first and second years 2019

Public Health Nurse Wellbeing Training to reduce stress, burnout and increase team morale and job motivation

HSE Mental Health Services and National Office for Suicide Prevention 2020 Scalability and Replicability Of Jobstown SAFETAlk Model of Practise

Windmill Therapeutic Communities Supporting clients mental health and addressing personal behavioural issues

Eastcoast Drug and Alcohol Task Force Family Support Programme Review and Pilot 2021

Pobal Integrating remote working and homeschooling 2020

KN circet. Where mental health plays a role in Health and Safety 2019