Another year separated

Another year separated, means another year of birthdays, another Christmas, mothers day, fathers day and of course your ex’s birthday.  I have mixed emotions on

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I separated in 2017

I separated in 2017 but what that actually means is I told my husband we were breaking up in July 2017, this was viewed as

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Why get divorced?

Why get divorced?  It is so expensive, so exhausting after the separation.  The conflict is not gone but it has reduced and I just want

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Why get separated?

Why get separated? Have I asked myself this question? Yes of course I have.  And now I am asking; Why get divorced?  It is not

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My car

My car,  one of my favorite places on the planet.  It has so much to offer me beyond the obvious shelter, transportation and often haulage. 

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Hi, it has been a while since I shared about myself.  My tagline is social scientist, wellbeing educator and separated Mum of 5.  Yes, that

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