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Set up in 2018 by Grainne O’Kane, (BSoc Sc, Hdip CYW, HDip RDS, MA ES), we help people and professionals to address mental and emotional health and wellbeing. 

We are a multi disciplinary team experienced and expert in our individual areas, with a commitment and dedication to people, their families and their wellbeing. We work collectively on the understanding that problems do not occur in isolation. As a result, we need to work together to have the resources and expertise to provide the best customised programme to each individual. We are dedicated to doing what works for people and using multiple methodologies. Different strokes for Different folks! 

We have develop customised programmes to rapidly upgrade your knowledge and  your techniques in divorced or separated parenting, teen mental health and integrating self mastery for a stress free lifestyle. .  We deliver evidence-based submersive experiential learning through training and coaching.

About The Founder

Grainne O’ Kane, Social Scientist, Wellbeing Educator, Separated Mum of 5; Trainer, Speaker, Podcaster, Project Manager. 

Professionally, Grainne is an experienced recovery and rehabilitation specialist skilled in troubleshooting and developing care pathways, facilitating client assessments, coordinating case management. Dedicated to humanity, innovation and direction; the heart of her skillset is working with individuals to identify their needs, the roots and create proactive interventions to yield positive and fast results. Over the past 20 years, Gráinne’s leadership and project management skills have led to projects such as the female offenders programme, the hospital liaison initiative; coordinating interdisciplinary teams including dual diagnosis, housing and homelessness, child welfare, under 18’s, mental health. Her interpersonal skills and organisational analysis informs her astute consultancy and training design to meet target audience and organisational objectives.

Personally, Grainne through her wellbeing workshops blends her personal and professional experience.  Born in a Magdelene laundry, Grainne speaks about adoption trauma, attachment styles and relationships throughout her life.  As a separated Mum of 5, with a daughter age 17 and four boys age 15, 12 and twins  age 10; she shares the parenting dynamic and insights as a coupled and resident single mother, parenting boys and girls , social media, sexuality, relationships, education, image, adolescent and disciplinary issues that occur day to day.  Currently in divorce proceedings blogs on the challenges, communications and learning of this process.   Her purpose is to help others navigate life and problems simply and safely, her design is based on the trauma informed care methodology and social learning practise that we learn from the stories of others.  Wisdom is learning from others experiences. 

Our Trainers & Associates

We identify, disseminate and facilitate international best practise by keeping up with the latest global trends, thinking and research.

We partner with www.flourishbydesign.co. Flourishbydesign is a new Conscious Design Agency founded to support
our evolving society. Working together with like minded individuals and companies that are passionate about creating conscious businesses through eco-innovation, and the promotion of health & well-being for all.

We proudly partner with www.speakersolutions.ie.  Speaker Solutions is Ireland’s premiere speaker source, with  a simple mission – To work with the best in the business and to be the best at what we do. Speaker Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of the most acclaimed speakers whose topics include business, economics, fintech, motivation, health and wellness, innovation, peak performance, mental resilience, culture, climate change and media.

Grainne O’Kane


Lyndsey Ahern

Music Psychotherapist

(Wicklow Music Therapy)

Asheligh Tobin

Health & Mind Coach

(Life MattersNow)

Sarah Marie Howes

Hair & Make Up Trainer and Stylist

(Pretty and Pampered)

Isabel Allen

Isabel Allen

Somatic Movement Therapist

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