Be Inspired, Be Connected, Be in Control, Be Happy This is achievable for everyone!
Alone is Hard, Together is Better

Our Values


We believe in people. We believe in you, as an individual. We believe that we should all be valued and treated with respect and kindness.


We believe in simplicity. We believe in clarity. We believe in having a map for direction and movement forward.


We care about what is happening with you and to you.


We look at life from different angles, using different disciplines to get positive results. We are proudly creative to meet your unique needs and get the results you want.


We believe in everything that we do, the reasons and research that informs why we do it and how we do it. We do what we say.

Our Why

Do you want to Improve Your Life?

You are one decision away from a completely different life.

We can all feel that we are in a dark cold forest, filled with mossy shadowy trees and stuffy air.  We muddle through unfamiliar surroundings with no escape.  This forest mirrors life for all of us, the challenges, the pain, confusion, repetition, the loss, the lack of joy.  Your life does not have to be like that, your life can be easier, with less stress, less heartache; you can have direction and clarity. 

What We Do


To Take Control of your Life

Our coaching provides you with the simplicity, clarity and direction you need. We provide actionable plans and resources to assist you moving forward. We uniquely connect the past, present, future for you.


To Provide you with Personal success

Wellbeing is an investment

It equips you to be resilient and resourceful

  • We offer you experience and expertise
  • We work from research and evidence
  • Emotional wellbeing saves time and money


with downloadable materials For all ages, abilities, and professions


Learn more about our programmes provided with our Corporate Wellness Partner ‘Empeal’ including our exclusive Executive Coaching Programme.

  • Management and leadership
  • Problems at work
  • Psychological safety
  • Communicating
  • Communicating with your team
  • Public speaking


How to get help for your children

Parenting has never been so tough, so complex, so stressful. It is not like the generation before. We can not recreate with the external influences growing in our childs lives so our parenting challenges are different.

Listen to our podcast for divorced or separated parents

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Recovery retreats customised per group e.g. teen mental health, people with intellectual difficulties wellness, drug/alcohol respite, eating disorders week, gamblers weekend, celebrating recovery and abstinence weekend,